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” Frequently Asked Questions ”

Interna Translations offers translations in around 50 languages.

Yes. We work with translators in the US for example. This is extremely important for clients who are having their texts translated for the US market. For Asian languages however, we work exclusively with translators based in Europe.

No. Our office is in Zurich and therefore conveniently located for “drop-in customers”. We work closely with a fixed team of freelance translators, mainly by email. We now also mainly communicate with our clients by email.

Yes, we place great importance on the use of standard terminology. It is a key component of high quality translations. We achieve this firstly by using client-specific translation memories and glossaries and secondly by always using the same translators for each client.

Always. Our clients’ data is handled in the strictest confidence.

A brief email enquiry is all it takes: simply attach the text to be translated and the target language and required delivery date. We will get back to you within the hour.

That depends on the size and complexity of the translation. Our delivery times are normally between 2 and 14 days. However, for regular customers whose specialisms and terminology we are familiar with, we can complete express translations within a few hours.

You will normally receive our quote within the hour and of course it is free of charge.

The price varies depending on the length, target language, specialism and urgency of the translation.


This is an urgent assignment that has to be completed within a few hours. Depending on the quantity of text and the workload, we apply an express surcharge.

A professional translation is a high quality translation, which is carried out according to the four-eyes principle. This means that it is undertaken by a native technical translator and then checked very thoroughly by a proofreader or a second technical translator for content, grammar and spelling.

This is a translation which has to be certified by a notary and which is recognised by administrative bodies. These are generally official documents, such as birth, marriage and death certificates, and also reports, contracts and legal judgments.

We issue an invoice to our clients with a 20-day payment deadline.

Legal translations are undertaken either by lawyers with translation qualifications or by trained translators who specialise in law. Law is not simply law. Here too our translators have their own specialisms.

A technical translator is an expert in his or her specialism (e.g. politics/finance/medicine), has years of experience and translates only into his or her native language.

No, Interna translators translate only into their native language.

Editing or proofreading plays a major part in quality assurance. A proofreader ensures that the translation’s content, grammar and spelling are perfect.

The four-eyes principle is about collaboration between translator and proofreader. Four eyes see better than two, careless mistakes are avoided.

Every translation by Interna Translations operates on the four-eyes principle: technical translation followed by internal quality control.

Call us on 044 450 88 00 or write to us at interna@internatrans.ch

You can contact us Monday to Friday from
8.30 am to 12.00 pm and 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

A translation memory is created for each client. It contains all that client’s translations and is activated and retrieved for each new assignment. This helps us ensure that client-specific terms and expressions are used as standard.

Yes, absolutely. There are texts where it makes sense to have a test translation done, e.g. advertising brochures. This allows the client to see whether the translator’s style suits the client company’s language.